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At Aldervale Vets we partner with Pet Proactive to provide a new approach to pet insurance for dogs and cats which directly benefits Aldervale Vets clients.

As vets, we see pet insurance as a means for pet owners to budget for the unexpected, and if the worst happens, it enables our vets to carry out the most effective treatment, increasing the likelihood of recovery and a better quality of life for your pet.

At the same time, pet insurance can be frustrating with many terms & conditions or exclusions, meaning claims are often not paid in full. On top of this our customers regularly complain of hefty price increases as their pet gets older, at the time when they are most likely to need insurance.

Pet Proactive was formed to tackle these types of issues. By designing pet insurance for vet practices, they can offer greater clarity to customers and take away the hassle. Our collective aim is that you don’t waste time worrying about pet insurance, you deal with us, and we focus on your pet.

Whichever Pet Proactive policy you choose comes with the following good to know features:

*excluding any pre-existing conditions

** Provided monthly premiums are up to date with Pet Proactive

To take out a policy with Pet Proactive you must already be registered with Aldervale Vets, commit to your primary care with Aldervale Vets and your pet must be less than 6 years old (when taking out the first policy). To find out more please visit the Pet Proactive website.

Visit the Pet Proactive webpage

Please note that Pet Proactive insurance does not include Liability Insurance – you may wish to consider separate liability cover (although you may find this is already included with your home insurance policy).

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